About Permanent Make Up

 Semi Permanent Make Up is the concept of cosmetic tattooing to create a subtle, natural long lasting make up effect. Beneficial to those who lack time to apply conventional make up daily or those who just want to enhance their natural beauty & those with allergies to traditional forms of make up,.

The process of the treatment is to implant pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin administered via needle form, similar of that to a tattoo machine., or a microblade.

Each treatment is subject to three sessions. The first session, CONSULTATION,  entails filling out a compulsory medical consent form to ensure the person is eligible for the treatment, a consultation and treatment plan is devised in which the client has the opportunity to discuss the desired result they would like, to achieve & patch testing to check for any allergies. 

Session 2 TREATMENT: We move on to the drawing up of the brow or make up application and then onto the application of permanent make up. We allow up to 2 hour, but can vary for each client. 

TOP UP: The third part of the treatment is the 4-6 week top up session, this part of the procedure is to ensure the long lasting effect of the cosmetic make up, building and layering of pigment in the upper dermal layer of the skin and to check for any patchiness from the 'scabbing process'

Semi Permanent make up typically lasts between 12-18 months before significant fading. Top Ups may be desired before the advised annual date subject to the client and how they feel in relation to the pigment retention, in other cases it may be because the person would like to modify the brows shape or colour. There is no definitive guarantee on the length of time given before significant fading can occur, factors which may lead to the accelerated decrease in pigment retention are, prolonged sunlight exposure which include sun beds, aggressive facial treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion or any facials of a similar description, excessive sweating, or skin types of an oily texture. 

Kirsty Lillian: Bespoke Permanent Make Up Services


Microbladed Feather Brows

Eyebrows define your face beautifully and could lift around the eye area, turning back time.   Microblading is a sophisticated, manual technique, where pigment is implanted under the skin using a specialist tool. This technique mimics realistic hair strokes, and results in beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows.  The brows are designed around your natural face shape, bone structure and most importantly the way you want them! The correct pigment is chosen to replicate your natural brow hair colour and compliment your underlying skin tone.   Kirsty uses multple techniques depending on the desired outcome. Kirsty can create a more shapely brow with definition.

All About The Brows

We are pleased to offer 4 bespoke brow techniques to framing the eyes, harmonizing symmetry.

We are pleased to offer 4 bespoke brow techniques to framing the eyes, harmonizing symmetry.  From natural looking brows to a more denser HD powdered finished look.

Smudge Free Kisses


These  treatment achieves beautifully shaped and colour lips this is created by contouring the lip line and infusing colour through the lip tissue 

The Lash Menu


 Semi permanent eyeliner enhances the eyes beautifully this treatment is suitable for both top and bottom lash lines 

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lip filler microblading eyebrow tattoo gift voucher


Give your friends and family the gift of confidence, whatever the occasion. Either pick up from our clinic or order our vouchers to your home. 

Vouchers can be used towards any of our treatments offered at Kirsty Lillian's Clinic, with The Beauty & Skin Clinic.

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